From Shreveport to New Orleans, Find Me A Loan Today work across the whole of Louisiana.

So if you’re looking for a Louisiana payday loan of up to $5000 to cover an emergency expense, we can help!

Payday Loans in Louisiana - How Can Find Me A Loan Today Help?

Can’t wait until your next paycheck to cover an unexpected cost? Payday loans can be a good option for people who need access to money quickly in order to pay for something urgent. Find Me A Loan Today work with lenders across Louisiana, so should be able to connect you with a suitable payday loan provider if you meet all of the eligibility criteria.

You can make a loan request for free, of between $500 and $5,000, and should get an instant loan decision on screen. If approved, many lenders also aim to pay out the funds by the next business day.


Save Time

Searching for a suitable payday lender can be time consuming and stressful. Your short-term credit could be a click away.


A Suitable Loan

We only work with reputable lenders, so we know they are lending responsibly. We’ll search our panel of lenders to find a suitable loan for you.



Although we don’t lend money directly, we’re still here to help you get a loan even if you don't have a perfect credit history.

Where Can I Request a Loan From?

Find Me A Loan Today works with lenders across Louisiana, so you can make a loan enquiry from just about anywhere in the state, including:

  • New Orleans
  • Baton Rouge
  • Shreveport
  • Metairie
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Charles
  • Bossier City
  • Kenner

Louisiana Payday Loans

Before taking out short term credit, it’s important to understand what a payday loan is! Unlike an installment loan, payday loans are repaid in one full payment - typically when you next receive your paycheck. As you pay the money as a lump sum, payday loans tend to be small loans. If you need to borrow more money, an installment loan will allow you to spread the cost over several months or years.

Payday loans are also a type of unsecured loan. This means that you don’t need to secure the loan against the value of an asset, such as your home or vehicle. A mortgage or car finance loan are examples of secured loans - the benefit of such loans is that they usually come with lower interest rates, but they come with the disadvantage of potentially losing your assets. If you were to fall behind on your mortgage payments, for example, you are at risk of having your home repossessed.

There is no such risk with payday loans, as they are unsecured. And even the higher interest rates don’t necessarily mean you’ll pay back more interest overall. As payday loans are so short term, and you only pay interest for the time the loan is open, the interest may not add up to too much in total. For instance, if you were to take out a payday loan for a week, you’d only be paying 7 days of interest.

Why Might You Need a Payday Loan in Louisiana?

Payday loans are aimed at people who have unforeseen expenses, and need money to get them through until their next payday. This could be anything from car repairs to an urgent dental bill - hardly the sort of thing you can plan for!

If you are looking for a Louisiana payday loan, Find Me A Loan Today work with lenders across the state who will consider your loan enquiry even if you have a less than perfect credit history. Our loan request form should only take a few minutes to complete, and you should then get an instant loan decision on screen.

It is important to note that payday loans are not intended for long term use, and should only be used to cover necessary expenses. If you’re unable to keep to the due repayments, additional interest may be applied, and your credit rating could be impacted.

Payday Loan Requirements

No two Louisiana payday lenders will have exactly the same loan requirements, but the basic lending criteria tends to be the same from lender to lender. We’ve listed the key eligibility criteria below:

  • You will need to be a permanent US resident, with a US based checking account
  • You must be at least eighteen years of age
  • You should be in receipt of a regular income

If you’ve got a low credit score, and have been turned down for loans in the past, you might think that you won’t qualify for any type of credit. But Find Me A Loan Today work with numerous Louisiana payday lenders who may consider your loan request, as long as you're able to afford the due repayments and meet their other criteria.

Payday Loans for Bad Credit

Having bad credit can make it more difficult to find a loan. A lot of more traditional lenders won’t consider your loan enquiry if you have a low credit score, and probably won’t give you the opportunity to discuss the reasons behind your financial history.

The Louisiana lenders that Find Me A Loan Today work with understand that nobody has a perfect credit history. They’ll take more than just your credit score into consideration when making a loan decision, looking at things like your income and expenditure too.

Taking out loans can actually help you build your credit rating back up - by making your repayments early or on time, you’re demonstrating that you’re able to manage your money well, and other lenders could be more likely to lend to you in future.

How Do I Find a Payday Loan in Louisiana?

One of the best things about payday loans is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home in order to make a loan enquiry! In the past, you might have had to visit a local payday lender in person, or needed to fax across certain documents. But with Find Me A Loan Today, you can request a loan online, using any device.

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