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Installment Loans - Direct Lenders

Looking for bad credit direct lender online installment loans with instant approval? Find a short term loan with Find Me A Loan Today of $100 to $5000 - simply apply online.

When the unexpected happens, and you need access to money fast, you may look for things like direct lender online installment loans, instant approval, or even guaranteed approval loans. Direct installment loans can allow you to borrow a few thousand dollars in order to cover extra costs, and are sometimes referred to as emergency loans for this reason. Whether it’s a dental bill or car repairs, a short term loan can help you bridge the gap. 

With Find Me A Loan Today, you can borrow up to $5,000 through a short term loan. Even if you’ve got bad credit, you can find online installment loans, direct lender loans, and payday loans using our services. Your credit score won’t be the only thing looked at - the lenders we work with will assess factors like your employment history too, not just the credit reporting.

When it comes to installment loans direct lenders may not always be easy to find, so using a broker service can help you find the cheapest loan, with low interest rates and no hidden fees. 

Direct Installment Loans

When it comes to installment loans, there are several types of loan to choose from. A payday loan is intended for exactly what the name implies - to see you through until your payday, like a cash advance. They therefore tend to be for smaller amounts of money. An installment loan can be used to cover a larger cost, and you can spread out the repayments over several months or years. 

To be eligible for an installment loan, you’ll need to be a US resident, be in full time or part time employment, and have a checking account for the funds to be paid into. You’ll also need to be aged at least 18. Online installment loans can be a cheaper way to take out credit, and you can be approved within minutes, which is much faster than borrowing with bank loans and credit cards.

Direct Lender vs Broker

With installment loans direct lenders are the people that actually lend you the money. Brokers, on the other hand, can help you find a direct lender loan, using the information you give to present you with the most suitable options. Some brokers charge a fee, while others work on a commission basis with the direct lenders. Find Me A Loan Today are free for you to use. 

If you’re looking for direct installment loans, using a broker can help you save time and is far less stressful. Rather than searching through endless online installment loan options, trying to figure out which will charge you the lowest interest rate, a broker will do the work for you. You’ll also know that you’ll be borrowing money from a reputable lender if you use brokers like Find Me A Loan Today - we only work with responsible lenders.

Installment Lenders - Instant Approval

If you’re looking to take out an installment loan, our loan application is simple, and you can get nearly instant approval. Enter the loan amount and repayment term, and we’ll search through our large list of responsible lenders to find you the loan with the lowest interest rate. If approved, you should have the money in your bank account the next business day.

Before you sign the contract, you’ll be able to check over the terms and conditions of your loan, including the monthly payment amounts. Paying back the same amount each month, with a fixed interest rate, allows you to more easily budget and keep on track of your finances. If you don’t have a huge disposable income, you can make smaller payments over a longer timeframe, or you can opt to pay back your loan as fast as possible and save money in interest. With such flexible loan terms, you can pick the installment loan that best suits you.


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