Payday Loan Alternatives

While payday loans can be a convenient way to cover an unexpected cost, they may not always be the best way to quickly get cash before payday. There are other ways of accessing money quickly without being charged high interest rates. Here are some loan alternatives:


Earnin allows you to access your wages as soon as you’ve earned them: you can withdraw up to $100 per day without cost. When your paycheck goes through, Earnin then deducts whatever you’ve withdrawn. They also offer an overdraft service to cover you if your current account balance is low.


Empower is an app built to help you achieve your financial best by making it effortless to budget, spend, and save more wisely than ever before. It provides a high interest checking account, enabling you to make money on your money. On top of that, it has an automated savings feature that allows you to set a weekly savings goal and the app will analyse your spending and automatically know when to save the right amount of money at the right time. It can also help you track your spending and create budgets to follow with alerts to let you know about your outgoings. Lastly, Empower offers real life financial coaches to help you through financial challenges to help you achieve your goals. Empower is available on the Apps store and the Play Store.


This app will both analyse your spending and also give you a small interest free cash advance if you need money before payday. It can analyse your upcoming payments such as phone bills and gas refills to help you know what will be regularly leaving your account. On top of this, it can help you improve your credit report by reporting rent payments to credit reference agencies and also help you find a side hustle to earn a bit of extra money. Membership costs $1/ month.


MoneyLion offers many products and services like a bank, but without the apparent hassles. They offer a checking account with no overdraft fees and cashback rewards, 0% APR cash advances in case you’re short before payday, and also low interest credit builder loans. They can even help you build savings through investments, however you should be wary that you may lose money by investing. Many of these features are available with their free account, but the paid account costs $29/month to use.


Similar to other loan alternatives, FlexWage helps employees get access to their wages as they’ve earned them. Instead you relying on overdrafts and credit cards, they’re service lets you instantly use your income. Their debit cards can also be used by employees who receive paper checks and even tips. It costs $5 to access your earned wages on demand.


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